Alarms & Excursions

Photos: Lidia Crisafulli
Writer: Michael Frayn
Director: James Haddrell
Set and Costume Designer: Lauren Connolly
Lighting Designer: Mark Dymock
Sound Designer: Matthew Giles
Production Manager: Caz Hampton
Stage Manager: Pip Snow
Stage Hand / Technician: Ricky Brent
ASM / Stage Hand: Elion Budden
Producer: Greenwich Theatre
Builders: Gemstage
Performers: Shereener Browne, Lauren Drennan, Dan Gaisford, David Hubball
Greenwich Theatre, London

Alarms and Excursions opens with 4 friends sitting down to dinner, but they are interrupted by incessant beeping and buzzing noises.  They must find out what the alarms are trying to tell them.  This sets off a series of performances that explore and comment comically on a humans’ relationship with technology, and one another.  From awkward work events, to aeroplane announcements and seating dilemmas, to back to back hotel rooms where we see a couple’s likelihood to fall into the same patterns of behaviour, particularly abroad, and a mad dash to find a friend who’s just arrived at an airport where we can only communicate through payphones and answer machines.
This production explores 8 separate short plays in one, with 22 characters played by 4 actors.