Director: Vedi Roy
Assistant Director with Digital Focus: Matt Powell
Writers: Palace Young Company
Composer: Rebecca Applin
Set Design: Louie Whitemore
Costume Design & Design Associate: Lauren Connolly
Project Co-Ordinator: Jake Morry
Stage Manager: Julia Nimmo
Costume Supervisor: Mark Jones
Photos: AD Dada & The Stage In The Park
Watford Palace Theatre, The Stage In The Park Festival, Cassiobury Park
With special thanks to Harlequin Theatricals, Watford Recycling Arts Project (WRAP) and the Watford Palace Theatre team.

With life having been on pause for a while, the Watford Palace Theatre Palace Young Company are raring to get going again.

They bring a devised show with music, comedy, and lockdown stories, exploring themes of love & isolation, joy & celebration. If only that little buffer wheel would stop spinning round and round…
On stage at The Stage In the Park festival, this show includes the launch of “Buffergram” a brand new digital platform for young creatives.