Orient Flux – Stuart Nunn

ORIENT FLUX at T-10/SKPs Beijing

Solo exhibition by Weirdcore


Produced by Kennedy London

Designed by Stuart Nunn

Assistant Designer/Modelmaker: Lauren Connolly

ORIENT FLUX is the latest ambitious audio-visual exhibition from London-based psychedelic AV mastermind Weirdcore. Taking place at the T-10 art and culture space in Beijing’s SKP-S, an “avant-garde luxury department store”, the exhibition sees the artist drawing from the science-fiction aesthetic of the cinema and design of the ’70s and ’80s to create a futuristic space port, designed for trips both in time and space.

The exhibition is comprised of seven interconnected installations, beginning and ending in the STELLAR LOUNGE, which SKP-S describe as an ambient portal, and climaxing with a faster-than-light trip on the TRANS-AEON EXPRESS, which allows passengers to embark on their own “spatio-temporal journey”, back into “China’s vivid history.”

As assistant designer for this project I helped create areas of the 1:50 scale modelbox, including designing and printing graphics, assembling train seats as well as walkways and bar areas.