Riot Act

PEOPLE POWER PASSION | overall film from Greta Zabulyte on Vimeo.

Photos: Greta Zabulyte, Luton Council, Lauren Connolly
Writers: Dark Olive and Yet Another Carnival in collaboration with Luton community members
Director: Freyja Winterson
Set and Costume Designer: Lauren Connolly
Lighting Designer: Aaron J Dootson
Sound Designer: Conrad Kira
Producer/Project Manager: Amber Knipe
Assistant Director: Sidney Belony
Trainee Production Assistant: Jason Kandaiah
Trainee Stage Manager: Charlotte Read
Commissioned by: Luton Borough Council as part of People Power Passion

People Power Passion was a programme of 6 new and unique performance events across Luton Town that commemorated the 1919 Peace Day Riots. Lutonians of 1919 rioted when they were excluded from the Peace Day Celebrations, burning down the Town Hall in the process. In 2019 we took over the since refurbished Town Hall Council Chamber on the centennial anniversary.

Yet Another Carnival and Dark Olive produced this newly devised show in direct collaboration with many diverse voices from Luton. A platform was given to our community members to speak of their own experiences in response to the incitement of our history, creating an immersive, interactive, and explorative performance to audiences.

Riot Act was a site-responsive design using recycled reflective materials to replicate flames, recycled wires as party streamers and old recycled Luton newspapers representing the 10 most visible blocks of flats across Luton.

This performance formed part of Luton’s Pilot Year of Culture.