Who Are You… Really?

Co-Director and Film Maker: Thomas Young
Co-Director and Interviewer: Lizzy Fretwell
Set Designer / Maker: Lauren Connolly
Lighting Designer: Jitty Marwaha
Projection Designer / Production Manager: Joel Middleton
Composer: Jan Baranowski
Sound Engineer: Adrian Sandu
Lino Print Artist: Abigail Adams
Photography: Greta Zabulyte & Lee Hamilton-Cooper
Dancer/Choreographer: Jason Kandaiah
Choreography Consultant: Laura Lloyd
Producer: Aimee Gomez
Creative Consultant: Rae Leaver
Marketing Manager: Colleen Considine
Alternative Interviewer: Ebony Ankra
Portrait Artwork: Hillborough Infants School
Holding Space Collective Ltd
Factory Floor, Hat Factory Arts Centre

‘Who Are You…Really?’  is an immersive video exhibition featuring video, audio and photographs sourced through interviews with members of the Luton community aged under 25 and over 60 in local schools (primary and secondary), colleges, community groups and public call outs. The film explores how we see our identity and what/who has affected the formation of it.

Featuring a specially composed piece of music, a unique filmed choreographed movement response and a custom-built set. This immersive experience will give you the space to consider your own identity and who you are…really.

The design aimed to transform the space of the Factory Floor to look entirely different to normal.  I wanted to create an immersive space by sectioning off corridors for the audience to explore and discover new structures around each corner.  The exhibition showcased our 87 participants in not only the film but also the photographs and lino prints of portraits and quotes that lined the corridors.

The thoughterfall is a sculptural response to the subject matter in the film, continuing the conversations of our participants by including portraits, emotions, and thoughts as a medium to fill the structure.  I wanted to create an intervention in the studio space, that was different to its surroundings. 

During the creation of this film there were over 80 participants, hundreds of thoughts, quotes, and ideas that emerged from the piece that we felt were important to incorporate within the space as much as possible, and share them in a physical way. 

In creating an immersive, reflective space surrounded by the faces and voices of our local participants, and including their words, we share more and hope to connect more with our audiences in both a non-verbal and physical way. 

These thoughts were envisioned as a waterfall, lit to appear as if it is flowing and rippling like water, a moment of release, where we may not usually get the opportunity to voice our thoughts and truths, opening the floodgates to our real feelings and bravely sharing them with others. 

Inspired by artwork by Anselm Reyle and Hanne Friis, this sculptural piece celebrated all of our participants’ identity and offered an interactive reflection to our audience.