Neville The Squirrel

Writer / Puppet Maker: Charlotte Read
Director: Sidney Belony
Set and Costume Designer: Lauren Connolly
Set Maker: Lauren Connolly
Lighting: Joel at BT Events
Performers: Aaron Spendelow, Victoria Jane
Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton
Photos: Thomas Young

Neville the Squirrel loves to explore and spend his days delving into the Stockwood collections, discovering and learning new exciting facts about the items. With the help of his friend, the Curator, Neville writes down all his stories and adventures in a journal that he then shares with his friends.

This show explored our town’s history, describing and telling our stories to local children and their families. Neville was a puppet who lived in the grounds and so the design incorporated trees, grass and picnic baskets to give our squirrel his home inside the museum where he could tell stories from. The costumes were designed and sourced by myself and I also designed and built the tree stump and large tree for the show.