Oedipus the King


Set Designer: Lauren Connolly
Costume Designer: Emma Williams
Director: Martin Berry
Lighting Designer: Richard Statham

To bring this Greek Tragedy to a modern audience, this design saw the characters become the Be-Mused Theatre Company who travel the country telling classic tales. Festival chic influenced the ramshackle, home-grown, transient nature of the design where natural, light bamboo contrasted against industrial steel decks and flight cases.

‘The set design by Lauren Connolly allows the actors to be constantly creative with their playing levels and they make terrific use of the spaces.’ – EastMidlandsTheatre

‘…the use of colours, strips of fabric and materials reminiscent of driftwood invoked the feeling I was on the Greek island of Kos in ancient times.’ – Impact Magazine

‘…novel set design by Lauren Connolly.’ – kevcastletheatrereviews