Places and Dreams

Bench Designer & Painter: Lauren Connolly 
Creative Facilitator: Aaron Spendelow
Participants and Art Work By: Icknield Primary School Year 2 students
Collaborators: Michaela Nutt LBC Cultural Partnerships Coordinator, Sally Cornish (LBC Flying Start), Colette McGeough (LBC Early Years Consultant)
Location: Icknield Recreation Ground off of Neville Road in Luton

Project in collaboration with Luton Borough Council, and Icknield Primary School as part of Talking Takes Off with Flying Start encouraged communication of children through creativity and art engagement.  We ran online workshops with three different year 2 classes asking them to consider their favourite places and dreams and things they may do following lockdown.  In these sessions the children were encouraged to draw, build, sculpt and speak their ideas which culminated in a single piece of art that I designed to be painted on to a star shaped concrete bench in the school’s local park. The design was directly influenced by the children’s drawings and ideas.

The collaboration between the local parks, the council, schools and freelancers engaged many ideas and inputs in the process to create a shared piece of public art for children to engage and interact with during and following lockdown.

Other bench locations in Luton include: Stockwood Park, Wardown Park, Manor Park, & Runley Road Park