Laced Within Our Borders


Photos: Gareth Lloyd
Writer/Director: David Lloyd
Co-Devised by Next Generation Youth Theatre Drama and Dance Companies
Set and Costume Designer/Dressing: Lauren Connolly
Movement Director: Laura Lloyd
Assistant Director: Lauren Segal
Production Manager/Lighting Designer: Darren Woodhouse
Next Generation Youth Theatre (NGYT)
The Bear Club, Luton

Five finely laced stories, inter-woven amidst spoken word, dance theatre and verbatim…a play that bravely asks and answers questions about our own individual hopes and dreams; set against the backdrop of England’s ever pouring rain. We invite you to hear us, hear them and join the conversation; in search of a place that we all long for…a place we can be ourselves…a place we can call home.

This design was site-responsive, set inside a jazz bar in Luton where the audience were seated in and amongst the performance space.
The intimacy of this setting allowed the design to draw upon its organised chaos, and its feeling of being in a cluttered home, or collectors space, where you were unsure where the club ended and where the set began.

Lace was one of the central themes in the design, flowing through the set dressing, table dressing, and costume designs.