Rise of the Shadow Stealers

Writer / Director: Daniel Ingram-Brown
Adapted for the stage by: Paul Birch
Set and Costume Designer: Lauren Connolly
Design Mentor: Hannah Sibai
Performers: Lynsey Jones, Richard Priestly and Tom Jackson

Fletcher and Scoop go to a school for Story Characters. The trouble is, they can’t remember their own beginnings. As they search for their missing memories, they become entangled in the tale of the mysterious Storyteller, embarking on a quest that leads them through the shadow to the heart of creation itself.

Centred on the trilogy written by Daniel Ingram-Brown, the on-stage clutter was intentionally reminiscent of the many tales owned and shared with our audience by the Storyteller, whose castle our story was set in.

The shadows creeping in around the edges of the set are a stark reminder that if they don’t find their beginnings soon, they would be lost.  The props and set took inspiration from 2D books and pages of the stories we are being told and created an ‘other’ world when touring to schools.